Ethereum Aims for 13th Consecutive Green Candle Close

Share this article Ethereum has achieved its 12th green daily candle in a row.  Ethereum on a Rally  Following the recent crypto market reversal, Ethereum is in bullish mode.  From Jul. 21... Read more »

Eden to Protect Sushi Traders from MEV on Ethereum

Key Takeaways Transaction ordering protocol Eden Network has launched to protect Ethereum users from MEV. MEV is the amount of value miners can extract from transactions by reordering blocks, usually through frontrunning.... Read more »

Top Senator Slams Infrastructure Bill Crypto Tax Draft

Key Takeaways Senator Pat Toomey has said that Congress should be careful about passing the proposed U.S. infrastructure bill. He argued that the crypto provision within the bill should be amended as... Read more »

Alchemix Plummets After Suspected Insider Trading Blunder 

Share this article Alchemix has fallen over 15% after Coinbase announced support for the similarly-named asset Alchemy Pay.  Alchemix Drops on Failed Insider Trading It seems someone got confused between Alchemix and... Read more »

Why Cardano is Still Holding Strong After Market Crash

Key Takeaways Cardano’s native token ADA has shown strong support in the $1 to $1.20 range. Investors staking Cardano look to be helping it maintain its support. The strong community surrounding Cardano... Read more »

Bitcoin at Make or Break Point After Drop Below $40,000

Key Takeaways Bitcoin has slipped below $40,000 after enjoying a 43% rally.  Transaction history suggests that BTC would have a difficult time reclaiming this level as support. If it does reclaim $40,000,... Read more »

Infrastructure Bill Crypto Broker Update Sparks Confusion

Key Takeaways A new U.S. bill says those classified as “brokers” in the cryptocurrency space will have to adhere to strict tax reporting. As per the latest amended bill, brokers are those... Read more »

Has Crypto Entered “NFT Summer”?

Key Takeaways NFTs are a type of asset that offer provable scarcity and ownership by recording data on a blockchain. Demand for CryptoPunks and other sought-after NFTs has risen over the weekend.... Read more »

Ethereum Targets $3,000 Despite Death Cross Warning

Key Takeaways Ethereum’s price chart is flashing a potential negative warning in a death cross. The market can expect volatility due to today’s options expiry and rising derivatives volume. Many investors are... Read more »

Ripple XRP Advances Further While Whales Sell

Key Takeaways XRP is up by more than 40% this week, recently reaching a high of $0.75.  Most of the buying pressure appears to be coming from retail investors, while whales have... Read more »