Exponential Moving Averages Under Review for Explor Resources Inc. (:EXS): 50 Day Now at 0.021418795

As investors gear up for the stretch run towards the end of the year, the focus will be on which way stock market momentum seems to be shifting. Investors may be taking note of various economic reports and keeping a close eye on global political news. There are many factors that can affect the price of a stock. Tracking the markets from different angles may help to put together the bigger investing picture. Investors may be wondering if they have missed the boat as stocks have cooled off a bit recently. It may be wise to remember that there are always plenty of market opportunities to take advantage of. Diving into the fray may not be necessary until all the boxes are ticked off on the investor’s checklist.  

Traders might be keeping tabs on the Hull Moving Average for Explor Resources Inc. (:EXS). The current HMA reading is 0.029. Traders may use the HMA to help identify the prevalent market trend. This may also lend to spotting useful exit and entry points on the stock.

Investors tracking shares of Explor Resources Inc. (:EXS) will note that since the stock opened at 0.03, shares have seen a change of 0.005. During that period, the stock has touched a low of 0.03 and tipped a high of 0.035. Volume on the day is presently 639000.

Conducting technical analysis of the stock may include following the Keltner Channel indicator. A recent check shows the 20 day lower band at 0.019899638 and the 20 day upper band at 0.028077427. During a clearly defined trend, a break above or below these levels may point to the underlying strength of the trend. A break above the upper band may signal continuing bullish trend strength, and a break below the lower band may signal continuing bearish trend strength.

The SMA or Simple Moving Average can be calculated for different time periods. The SMA helps smooth out volatility and makes it a bit less difficult to gauge the price trend of a stock. Let’s view some popular SMA levels below:

Simple Moving Average 20 day: 0.023
Simple Moving Average 100 day: 0.01935
Simple Moving Average 10 day0.026
Simple Moving Average 50 day: 0.0203
Simple Moving Average 30 day: 0.0205
Simple Moving Average 200 day: 0.024625

The 20 day Chaikin Money Flow indicator for Explor Resources Inc. (:EXS) is currently 0.3241944. This indicator was developed by Marc Chaikin who observed that the pressures of buying and selling could be figured out by where a period finishes relative to the range of highs and lows.

Traders may use a variety of moving average indicators when examining a particular stock. Checking on some Exponential Moving Averages, we note that the 200 day is 0.025652274, the 100 day is 0.021475866, and the 50 day is 0.021418795. Zooming in closer, we note that the 30 day EMA is 0.02265138, the 20 day is 0.023988534, and the 10 day is noted at 0.026374036.

Investors will typically be keeping track of historical highs and lows for a particular stock that they are researching. Watching levels for Explor Resources Inc. (:EXS, we can see that the all time high is currently 8.1, and the all time low is 0.015. Let’s look at some alternate high/low price data:

Six month low: 0.015
Six month high: 0.04
One year low: 0.015
One year high: 0.065
Three month low: 0.015
Three month high: 0.035
One month low: 0.015
One month high: 0.035

Often times, investors may become worried when the stock market is highly volatile. Being prepared for volatile situations can help ease the fears that come along with turbulence. Following a well-crafted plan might help ride out the ups and downs that are a normal part of dealing with the market. Investors should be prepared for market situations that provide ample opportunities. Although market downturns can be unsettling and cause panic, investors who are able to stay the course and keep calm may be able to spot good buying opportunities when the wider market is selling.